May 10th - Chapter Twenty

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May 10th - Chapter Twenty

Post by James on Mon May 11, 2015 11:08 am

All I wrote got deleted...

Chapter twenty talks about the long history between the people of Israel and God.
But before God shares His faithfulness with Ezekiel onto the elders of the people, the elders approach Ezekiel in terms of trying to associate themselves with God.
But God rebukes them and states that He will not inquire of them due to their continued defiled nature with all the idols (v.31).
Additionally, it seems as if we struggle with the same mindset, that we can just enter God's presence with our deeds and speech - stating that we want to enter.
But it seems as if their hearts were extremely far from the LORD, and they tried to confront Ezekiel on how to build relations with God.

This reminds me of the story of Balaam, as his heart was focused on money while his deeds seemed to be righteous in the eyes of man.
We have to be weary of where our hearts at before we even make the decision to confess our sins onto Him.
I feel as if today we are in a culture where it seems as if we can just enter God's presence whenever we desire to.
It's almost as if God seems so accessible, that we should try and squeeze time for God because He's greater and better than we are.
This thinking has probably hindered my relationship with God for so many years, that it almost seemed as if He was another idol that I would pray to, or seek.
Yes I'd pray, Yes I'd ask for godly advice, and yes I would want to serve in church.
But was my heart for it?
King Solomon reminds us to be careful before entering the presence of God and we need to visualize ourselves in the temple of God where John and Isaiah saw Him seated on His throne.
Isaiah and John fell down in response, and we cannot think of ourselves so highly when we do the same as well.

This really convicted me in my heart to really reflect if my heart and my deeds are aligned.
If my deeds are in a way that is pleasing to God, is my heart in full surrender?
And if my heart is truly in full surrender, how should I respond with my deeds?
Kind of a paradox, but something to examine/reflect on as we read chapter twenty.


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