May 15th - Chapter Twenty-Two

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May 15th - Chapter Twenty-Two

Post by James on Sat May 16, 2015 2:48 am

The chapter is entitled as Jerusalem's Sins, as Ezekiel is instructed to confront the people of Israel.
It seems as if God makes it crystal clear, especially in this chapter, that the people of Israel and Him are completely separated.

v.3 and 4 emphasize that they have become guilty (in the context of judgment) and defiled.
Defiled means to "damage the purity or appearance of; mar or spoil."
As they were once holy in the eyes of God, and they had God's favor, Jerusalem has become defiled from their original holy state in which they had actually followed God and His commands.

From v.7 to v.12 we can see the ways that they had trespassed against God.
And to sum up their sins, it is the fact that they had forgotten the LORD.
I think that we can really take this into consideration. It's not the fact that the sins are so attractive but its rather the fact that we forget who God truly is.
We're learning spiritual warfare this week and my first impression was on how to combat demons and to cast them out.
But I didn't have the slightest clue that it was just strengthening ourselves in Christ.
That God had already won the fight and all we had to do was to stand firm in Christ, specifically in our identity.
The people of Israel didn't see God for who He was, they had forgotten about Him.
If they had seen His greatness or had a glimpse of it, they wouldn't even think of trespassing against Him.

This chapter also includes an illustration of these metals that are placed within a furnace to be melted.
God states that the people of Israel would be gathered just as the same, so that God would pour out His fiery wrath against them.
And we're back to the idea that they will know that the LORD has poured out the wrath.

The whole book of Ezekiel seems that everyone will know that the splendor of the LORD when they are judged.
Regardless of their judgment, it seems as if that they would understand the sovereignty of God, that He is LORD over all.
This brings me back to the idea where we are seated in a courthouse in front of God as the judge.
Regardless if we believe in Him or not, He is still going to judge us.
Regardless if we think He's real, He will have our sins accounted for, either through Christ or through damnation.
It's almost as if He chooses to withhold His wrath for His glory, so that everyone would know that our God is a God of mercy and peace.
Rather than just eliminating all of us, He chooses us unconditionally, for Him and for His glory alone.


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