May 13th - Chapter Twenty-One

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May 13th - Chapter Twenty-One

Post by James on Thu May 14, 2015 10:19 am

God uses Babylon as a form of judgment for the people of Israel.
This instantly reminds me of when I mentioned earlier (I think) about Isaiah 54:16 - stating that God creates everything, even the destroyer to wreck havoc.
Babylon at the time of Ezekiel 21 is no exception to this idea of sovereignty.
Verse 9-10 seems to talk about the sword of Babylon and how swords amount to nothing against sticks.
It seems as if God compares Judah, the southern kingdom of the people of Israel to a stick.
And verse 11-12 warns them about the sword which is appointed by God for judgment.

I find it interesting that in verse 26 it speaks about how Ezekiel was told to take off the head garment, removing the crown as prophet. Additionally, God states that He would make Israel a ruin (3 times, actually) not restoring His people until Christ comes. Also that this crown which had been removed, which be given to Him. We don't know if this is the crown of thorns or the crown He gives Him that the right hand of the Father.
But we do know that this is a prophesy for Christ!

Verses 30-32 speaks about the sword of Babylon and that God commands them to return the sword into its scabbard and He would judge them also for their evil ways.
We sometimes think that God shows favor over a group of people, but rather through Ezekiel 18 everyone will be judged according to what they commit individually. Their forefathers will not change their judgment nor will their offspring.
God even states that Babylon will not even be remembered anymore, as if it had never existed as a civilization.


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