May 16th - Chapter Twenty-Three

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May 16th - Chapter Twenty-Three

Post by James on Sun May 17, 2015 10:28 am

In addition to the sovereignty of God and His divine judgments, I feel as if we learn so much about prostitution... LEL
Anyways, this whole chapter is dedicated to the idea that Israel and Samaria are compared to two sisters in which are adulterers (through of course, prostitution).

It seems that this idea of prostitution is different than what we've seen in the previous chapters of Ezekiel.
The previous chapters showed prostitution in the form of idolatry, by worshiping false gods.
However, it seems that this chapter underscores God's and Ezekiel's disgust with Israel for defiling themselves politically through depending on foreign powers, rather than relying on the LORD for their sense of security.
We see the idea of prostitution in the sense of being God's rightful bridegroom. Instead of depending on their "husbands", it seems that Israel has chosen different so-called suitable partners.

It's cool to note that v.31 and 32 is also symbolizing Luke 22:42, where Christ had requested for His cup to be taken away so that He could follow the will of the Father.
I question the two contexts because it almost seems as if Jesus asks the Heavenly Father for this cup of death to be taken away from Him.
We can definitely see that this cup holds God's wrath and judgment.
As Christ did drink this cup of wrath/judgment, He humbled himself onto the cross for our sins, bearing the weight of the Father's wrath for our sake.
Interesting how symbolic Ezekiel is, mainly for its similarities with the New Testament.

v. 43 really shows the fact that God really gave them up to their sins (Romans 1:26).
Also reflects back to when God mentioned that Jerusalem was a useless vine, that it was only good for fueling a fire.
Just as these two sisters were prostitutes, God stated to the Sabeans to use them as prostitutes, "for that is all she is".

Kinda reflects back to me as if my parents were "disappointed" in me rather than disciplining me.
This feel must have felt like the lowest of lows in the shame meter for the Israelites...


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